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New Website!
Office of the ViceroyAll pages have bee disabled. Please update your bookmarks to our new address of

News has been left up as an archive. Everything else has been moved over to the new site or the library found at
· Jacob Jansen on March 01 2016 07:40:19 · Print
No More Updates
Office of the ViceroyWith the looming release of our new website, we will no longer be updating this site. Stay tuned for an announcement of our new site!
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House System Celebrates Six-Month Anniversary
Trade Federation

Celebrations were in order on Day 244 of this year as citizens joined in marking the six-month anniversary of the Trade Federation House System (TFHS). The new House System was championed by former First Seat Navik Ikron as Avance's largest single contribution to the Federation in the merge, and was seen by many as a sign that the two governments and cultures were truly merging into something new instead of one swallowing the other whole.

The TF House System's success is a reflection of the success of the merge itself. The TFHS has quickly become a much-loved part of life for many in the Federation, and the Houses have already begun to make noticeable contributions to Federation society. The House System has it roots in the Houses that comprised most of the former Avance Coalition where seven Houses (5 major and 2 minor) oversaw different sectors of the former Avancian territory and helped promote and sustain unity as a Coalition while preserving more regional cultures. The TFHS is made up of six Houses: three former Avancian major Houses and three newly founded ones. The foundation of the new Houses vary from informal fraternity among workers to revivals of ancient cultures in Federation space.

To be recognized as a House each group had to submit an application describing in detail what their intended contribution to Federation society would be. They also had to align themselves with a Ministry to illustrate both cultural continuity and innovation. These applications were reviewed by a House Review Board made up of heads of state taken from both former Avancian and Federation populations. Once approved, Houses were put on a probation period to be observed before legal rights were granted them.

One notable change from the former Avancian system is that each House associates themselves with only a system and not a range of sectors for which they are responsible for enriching and stewarding. Any citizen is permitted to apply for House membership, and many see it as an invaluable aid to professional and philanthropic growth. Houses provide a unique networking opportunity and a crucible for those with common interests who may be spread out over various departments and systems. Each House, however, has their own unique admissions process reflective of their identity.

Long seen as the short-track to prominence and success in government offices, House Soyak-Ikron is the largest and most recognizable carry-over from the former Avance Coalition. As a Federation House it continues its reputation as a breeding ground for the who's who for Federation politics and power players. The other continuing Houses are House Asclepius, which centers around the medical arts, and House Valeo, the traditional Avancian center for the learned, the literati, and the intelligentsia. The newly founded Houses are equally as diverse and significant.

House Jade sees itself as the formal embodiment of the tradition of fraternity and levity among the Department of Logistics pilots and staff. It centers around jokes, pranks, and the finest fermented beverages they can find. Taking a page from the former Avancian House Vigihan (which formed the Kingdom of Elysia), House Systkin centers around the Federation pillar of trade and financial prowess. It offers support for new businesses, investment opportunities, and provides a training ground for the future business tycoons. The newest House, House Arkoh, is a revival movement for the Arkanian-Sith culture and promotes cultural understanding and funds research in any academic fields, offering an informal challenge to the old-guard of House Valeo. Among its core academic interests is the Arkanian tradition of cloning and a reintroduction of the long-extinct full-blooded Arkanian species.

Each of the Houses has something different to offer to the prospective member. The Federation encourages any Trade Federation Citizen that would like to know more about the Houses or to apply for membership to contact the House leader(s) on the Federation holosite or directly via datapad message.
· Jacob Jansen on August 28 2015 07:34:28 · Print
Reconstruction of Endor's Forest Moon
Trade Federation

TFNN - Endor System, Moddell Sector
The lush, verdant forests from which the Forest Moon got its name have become famous galaxy wide. Home to both the Yuzzum and the Ewok peoples, the breathtaking majesty of the moon was chosen years before to host the capital of the Avance Coalition as if the richness and fertility of the jungles and the residents who prospered alongside and not by or in spite of the untamed expanses could say more about the former government than could any palace or diplomat. For years it silently circled the planet Endor, broadcasting its bold, unchallenged growth and glory on behalf of the whole Coalition. Visitors today, however, find a much different story.

If one were to travel to the famed Forest Moon today, you'd find it a forest in name only. The growth of the former Avance Coalition brought with it expansion projects to the capital, and with projections of growth in the upswing before the Recession even more land was cleared and slabbed to prepare for the building and infrastructure to support the promised prosperity. Many resorts, seeking to allow more of the public to experience the splendors sought to expand their grounds and locations around the moon as well. But it was not to be. The Galactic Recession found the moon cleared and mostly slabbed over, with many cities and settlements in various stages of completion. The many public works projects aimed to stimulate the economy focused on the planet Endor, and made use of the open space on the moon for material storage and recycling foundries. The condition of the moon's surface declined rapidly. By the time the problem was brought to the attention of the former Avance government who had been scrambling to address the myriad effects of the Recession, internal security disputes, and assisting allies in combating terrorism, the problem's magnitude had surpassed the funds and energy needed to combat it effectively. Paul Luz was approved by the Hall of Houses to assemble a team of Avance Rangers and scholars to study the effects of rapid urbanization on planets and estimate the scope and trajectory of currents trends as the majority of programs aimed at ending the recession hinged on public works and infrastructure expansion. His efforts, however, ran parallel with the plans to merge the Coalition with her closest ally, the Trade Federation. Luz was only able to assemble his team and start planning their methods before the Hall of Houses that had approved and sponsored his efforts had ceased to be, dismantled and assumed into the new regional government of the Federation.
· Jacob Jansen on March 02 2015 20:01:32
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Avance Coalition merges with the Trade Federation
Trade Federation

TFNN - Endor System, Moddell Sector

In a joint press conference in front of a veritable army of Trade Federation News Network and Avance News Network reporters, Avance Coalition First Seat Navik Ikron and Trade Federation Viceroy Jacob Jansen released a simple statement: "The Avance Coalition will merge with the Trade Federation."

After a moment of stunned silence from the assembled press corps, an unintelligible flurry of questions rained forth upon the two leaders. First Seat Ikron calmed the crowd, saying, "This is not being done out of whim or personal gain. Iím not receiving any service, technology, or monetary exchange for doing this. The Trade Federation is a group much like our own. We all are friends and work well together as leading bodies within the Galactic Concordiate. Our combined governments will form one super government capable of doing so much more than just either of us could accomplish ourselves."

Viceroy Jansen, nodding, added: "This is a huge move. No, it's a colossal move. When I was first approached by Navik, I was pleasantly surprised. The gravity of such a merger is overwhelming. But we have such a strong infrastructure in place, we are able to incorporate every department and member within our own with little trouble. This merger is a unique chance for all of us. A once-in-a-lifetime chance. Together we can accomplish great heights that before were never even imagined. To our allies and future allies: we look forward to working with you on our new joint endeavors."
· Jacob Jansen on December 20 2014 11:24:25
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Director of Trade Appointed!
Ministry of Production

Welcome everybody to a very important announcement from the Cabinet and Ministry of Production. Today we shall be making an appointment to an equally important department within the Federation and I'm sure the candidate the Cabinet has chosen fit to set to the role is no less qualified or experienced in such matters than her predecessor.

As you are all no doubt aware, at the end of this summer, our esteemed Director of Trade, Tanez Kalrade, was forced to resign from his position as Director due to diverting circumstances which required(OOC needs) his attention elsewhere. In line with those realities Tanez elected that it would be far more prudent resign his commission than hang on without much assurance of a timely return, and as such I stood in in the interim in order to get the faction back on it's feet and see to the business of a competent enough successor, capable of commanding for the needs of such a department.
Before we announce his replacement, the Cabinet would like to thank Tanez for his service to the Federation and wish him good luck in all future endeavours!

Now we arrive at the single most important element of the ceremony, un-veiling the new Director of Federation Holdings Group, and Director of Trade. It is with great pleasure that I announce for the Cabinet Lilith Delcroix as successor to both of Tanez's posts;

Lilith Delcroix has immense experience in the field of trading and management and is the obvious successor to Tanez in my eyes, and that of the Cabinet.

Congratulations Lilith and the Cabinet has full confidence in you to see out this post!
· Jacob Jansen on September 27 2014 12:58:29 · Print
Chief Justice Appointed!
Office of the Viceroy

I am pleased to finally have the chance to promote this individual. A long overdue and well deserved promotion. Because of a conflict of interest with his previous position as Federation Security Service commanding officer, the Cabinet had no choice but to hold back. However, with his recent promotion out of FSS and into Ministry Command, the Cabinet was quick to approve.

Therefore I am proud to promote Justice Carmen Sundane of the Department of Justice to the rank and position of Chief Justice of the Trade Federation!

One of the highest and most respected positions within the Trade Federation, The Chief Justice is responsible for the upholding of order and justice within both tiers of the Federation Courts, a role answerable only to the Viceroy.

Although we do not have a lot of incidents that require the Department of Justice, Chief Justice Sundane is well qualified and able to uphold Federation law in a professional and unbiased manner.

Congratulations Mr Chief Justice!
· Marco Salo on September 15 2014 10:16:13 · Print
New DMC Director
Ministry of Production

Ministry of Production: CEO Promotion

Welcome Trade Federation members to an announcement from the Trade Federation Cabinet, and Ministry of Production. With this ceremony we'll be welcoming back a long-time faithful to the ranks of the weary and thanking a dedicated member for their service.

Tarc Drathul has been unable to perform his duties as the Director of Robotics lately due to a dramatic upsurge in his RL work activity. Following this, Tarc came to me with the news that he would have to retire from the position of CEO. He has nevertheless agreed to stay on as he can, logging in weekly to keep the membercount up, and sends us his best wishes until he can be here in a more corporeal form.
The Cabinet would like to thank Tarc for the good work he has done in leading DMC!

Though initially Robert Thorp was more than willing to take up the role of CEO once more, and has been acting as support for Tarc in his lessened activity; the recent return of former Minister Vas Felix(Who I'm sure the perspicacious among you will have seen about) to the scene has meant that another choice candidate has emerged, and Robert was only too willing to remain as COO, when the former Minister offered his services and was offered the role of leading DMC through it's interim.

So with that, the Cabinet has successfully agreed upon Vas Felix as replacement CEO for the Dorinian Military Corps!

Vas Felix has a wealth of experience in the production sphere, going back six years(perhaps more, the cave drawings from this period are not explicit) to the Starsign Shipyards and later Techno Union, and of course, Minister. He was forced to take a hiatus last year due to RL, but recently informed us he'd be capable of making a return to SWC, and with that in mind the Cabinet has no doubt he'll perform to the utmost level expected.

Congratulations Vas, welcome back! ;)
· Marco Salo on September 11 2014 09:12:04 · Print
Hapan King On State Visit To Trade Federation Capital
Trade Federation

TFNN - Geosynchronous Orbit Around Taanab, Taanab System, Zeemacht Cluster

King Zayth Kadrim, leader of the Hapes Consortium, is in the Taanab system on an official state visit to the Trade Federation. The King and his entourage arrived on Day 243 of Year 15 aboard the Hapan Pulsar Battle Cruiser, HRS Pride, and were greeted at the airlock of TFSS Taanab Defender by Viceroy Jacob Jansen, Duceroy Nohv Schiller, Ambassador Tovakinpi Toshikhan, and various attendants, security droids, and hangers-on.

After a short welcome ceremony, with the offering of gifts of fine wines, cheeses, and tapestries made by artisans throughout the Federation to the Hapan delegation, the group boarded the Hapan flagship for a quick tour of the artfully-decorated and highly-deadly vessel. With the tour concluded, the assembled diplomats boarded shuttles and traveled to a feast held at the Viceroyal Palace in Forsetti. The celebratory feast featured the finest delicacies from both Hapan and Federation space, chamber music played by the Forsetti Symphonic Orchestra, and was concluded with speeches from both Viceroy Jansen and King Kadrim.

The feast concluded with a special ballet performance by the Asrat School of Dance, consisting of segments from a variety of cherished Hapan works of dance throughout history. After the performance, which received a full seven-minute standing ovation, the Hapan delegation retired to apartments provided for them in the Viceroyal Palace.

The second day of the state visit consisted of an early breakfast followed by a political summit behind closed doors. While no sources were forthcoming with details, analysts expect that the topics discussed included trade missions between Federation and Hapan space, security protocols in the Neshig sector, and political matters involving the Galactic Concordiate. Unsubstantiated rumors from support staff that facilitated a working lunch suggest that Hapan involvement in the Federation's burgeoning trade empire was a hot topic of discussion in between courses. Upon the conclusion of a full day of talks, a light supper was served on the Grand Balcony of Viceroyal Palace, overlooking the city of Forsetti. Viceroy Jansen spared some moments before the King departed, saying that "the bonds between the Hapan people and those of the Federation grow stronger and the King will always be welcome in Federation space."
· Marcus Justinian on July 31 2014 16:14:28 · Print
Minister of Defense Retires
Ministry of Defense

Hello my fellow citizens of the Trade Federation. Today I am saddened to announce the resignation of our long standing Minister of Defense, Master Alan Arcane. Master Arcane has served the MoD and the Trade Federation for over 6 years. Serving in many departments and positions including my apprentice. Now a Master in his own right, Alan will take this time off from the Ministry of Defense to tour Trade Federation space and experience all that our wonderful planets have to offer. Master Arcane will still serve as an active member in the Evocati Order. I would personally like to thank Master Arcane for all he has done while Minister of Defense. We are in a better position now after your tender than we were before.

With that said, the position of Minister of Defense is left empty. After unanimous approval from the Cabinet, I herby promote Deputy Minister Otto Kipler to the rank of Minister and the title of Minister of Defense. I grant Minister Kipler command of all our military forces to protect, defend and preserve our way of life and ensure our Empire of Trade can continue to operate safely.

Minister Otto has served in the MoD for over a year and currently was Master Arcane right hand man. There is no better qualified to replace him. congregations to Minister Otto Kipler!

Furthermore to keep the chain of command functioning and operational The Cabinet and Minister Kipler have unanimously approved FSS CO FSS-General Carmen Sundane as Deputy Minister of Defense. Deputy Sundane has served a very successful and for lack of a better word, flawless term as Commander of Federation Security Service. With a solid working relationship with Minister Kipler, I am happy to leave the MoD in their hands.

Congratulations to both Minster Otto Kipler and Deputy Minister Carmen Sundane on their promotions and a special thanks to Master Alan Arcane for his long service to the MoD and the Trade Federation!
· Marco Salo on June 23 2014 11:44:49 · Print
Federation Holdings Group Opens!
Ministry of Production

Tanaab, Zeemacht Cluster (TFNN)

::The logo of Trade Federation News Network manifests, representing the scheduled conference broadcast via the GNS-TFNN link is about to commence. After a few seconds, it dissolves into the familiar logo of the Viceroy's Office. After a few seconds the logo is replaced by a live broadcast from the press room of the Trade Federation Capital Building in the city of Forssetti, Taanab. Standing at a podium is the Viceroy himself, Jacob Jansen along with Director of Trade Tanez Kalrade..::

"Greetings to all citizens and members of the Trade Federation. It is with great pride that I am privileged to announce the creation of our own Holdings Group. Hereby known as Federation Holdings Group, this nationalized group will exclusively handle all of the equipment and products of the Department of Trade, allowing quicker response times for all of our Trade transactions. Run by Director Kalrade, all transactions should be processed through this Holdings Group.

I thank you all for your time, and hope to see increasing activity with the Market Network!"
· Jacob Jansen on May 17 2014 10:18:26 · Print
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